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Our practice is to grow as much of our own food, medicine and life supplies like toilet paper, dyes, and sponges, as possible.  We accomplish this through permaculture; a harmonious, reciprocal way of cultivating soil and gardens for minimal earth impact and bountiful harvests.  We share these rare, perennial food and medicinal plants outward.  We are all better off when we can exist less dependently on corporations and government and more dependently on each other, our soil, and Mother Earth.  You can start on your own path to freedom by growing more of your own food, herbs and medicinals. 


Find our permaculture nursery plants at: 

Tuesday, Ashland Farmers’ Market, 

Thursday, Medford Farmers’ Market,  

Friday, Cave Junction Farmers’ Market, 

Saturday mornings, at our homestead nursery, from 9:30-noon during market season

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